Just last week we were in the factory going over a product review and we had a GREAT moment dawn on us.  We took some time to toy around with some of the "ingredients" used to make our white cloth tape, and in doing so, we came up with our best-ever, highest-quality tape!

Dubbed #399PRO, this white cloth tape now has an even brighter, more crisp white look, smoother and more consistent unwind from the roll and increased adhesion, giving our athletes better control of the puck.  While some of these technicalities may not sound exciting to many people out there, we tried it and tested it countless times (on ice, off ice, in the lab, etc), and this product is OFF THE CHARTS!

We currently have some of our NCAA and Professional team customers trying it out for additional feedback, but we anticipate adding it to the suite of products in the very near future!

Been a While

It's been quite a while since our last blog post here at HockeyTapeOnline...we needed to get back to it here!  It's been a very busy winter for us, as it probably has been for you too.  Lots of hockey...coaching, playing, traveling, and enjoying it as much as possible.  Being able to watch the Olympics in Sochi was a blast as well...even though the US didn't deliver a medal.

One high note that we experienced was when one of our professional customers scored his first NHL goal.  Anton Belov (pictured below) of the Edmonton Oilers potted his first NHL goal on January 10th against the Pittsburgh Penguins.  He also played for Russia in Sochi, which was a tremendous honor.  It was quite exciting to see him earn a spot to represent his country...he's doing a great job this year, despite Edmonton's tough record.

We're looking forward to watching the NHL season continue, and hope to keep growing our business.  We've had some excellent reviews of our different hockey tapes, and the pricing/ savings are a huge reason people have continued to be pleased with us.  We're extremely grateful for the opportunity to work with the hockey community and love what we do!  We wish everyone the best of luck as you head down the home stretch with your respective seasons.

Cyber Monday

It's definitely been a bit since our last blog post, but we've been busy!  2013 has proven to be a great year so far with the addition of several NCAA, Junior, and professional team customers along with increased individual sales through our discounted pricing platform on our website.  We have added laces & mouthguards for our team customers as well, which has been a huge hit.  We can't say THANK YOU enough.


As we hit the Thanksgiving stretch here, we are absolutely going to be participating in Cyber Monday, and will do so by offering a 10% discount on all orders placed between Sunday 11/27 and Tuesday 11/29 in the morning.  You can get the discount by using the code "CYB13" at checkout, so we hope you'll take advantage of the added savings!


In a time where we need to realize how thankful we all are, we want to thank our visitors and customers for the opportunity to earn their business.  Without you, we would be nothing!  Thanks again and enjoy a great Holiday.

1 Year and Growing

Well here we are...just a little over one hear in business at and we couldn't be happier about the way things have gone.  All-in-all, as a small start-up operation, we have learned so much through the ups and downs over the past year and it's absolutely crazy to think back on how quickly this year actually went by.

Along the way, we've been able to grow our reach through a number of avenues and lucked out with quite a few people giving us an opportunity to help them save money on their hockey tape needs.  In addition to the great base of individual customers we continue to work with across North America, we've been lucky enough to work with many EJHL, USHL, NCAA Division 1, and NCAA Division 3 teams across the country along with several retailers.  The plan is to continue reaching out in hopes that the hockey world will actually take a second to consider the savings we're able to provide.  Where our sport certainly isn't cheap to participate in, we enjoy doing everything possible to ensure you keep as much of your hard-earned money in your own pocket.

In reflecting on our first year as a business, the most important thing we can say is "thank you."  Without our customers, friends, family, partners, and supporters, we would be nowhere.  We're grateful that so many have given us the opportunity to work hard for them and look forward to continued growth throughout Year 2!

Happy Holidays!

Happy Holidays from HockeyTapeOnline!  Though it's been a different winter so far (no NHL, not a ton of snow here in the northeast just yet), we've had the good fortune of working with a number of different hockey families and teams throughout North America and seeing how passionate others are about our game is incredibly rewarding and exciting.

Between Christmas and New Years, we get to see the World Junior Tournament which is awesome.  These are the top players in the world in their age bracket and many of them have already had their rights claimed via the NHL draft.  With no NHL season to take in, this is a great chance to watch world class athletes compete on an international stage.  

We're getting close to our first full year as a business and we are taking this time during the Holidays to reflect and be grateful for how far this whole website has come.  We appreciate all of our friends, partners, and customers and hope everyone has a safe, healthy, and enjoyable Holiday stretch!