#399PRO White Hockey Tape


Just last week we were in the factory going over a product review and we had a GREAT moment dawn on us.  We took some time to toy around with some of the "ingredients" used to make our white cloth tape, and in doing so, we came up with our best-ever, highest-quality tape!

Dubbed #399PRO, this white cloth tape now has an even brighter, more crisp white look, smoother and more consistent unwind from the roll and increased adhesion, giving our athletes better control of the puck.  While some of these technicalities may not sound exciting to many people out there, we tried it and tested it countless times (on ice, off ice, in the lab, etc), and this product is OFF THE CHARTS!

We currently have some of our NCAA and Professional team customers trying it out for additional feedback, but we anticipate adding it to the HockeyTapeOnline.com suite of products in the very near future!