Off to the races!

Off to the races!

Though still fresh out the gate, we're pumped to say that the feedback we've been gaining on our products and pricing has been amazing...people realize that in the sport of hockey, things are definitely expensive and there aren't too many ways to save money without cutting corners.  Parents, coaches, teams, and leagues have been letting us know about the savings we are providing and we're excited about that!

Whether it's a free quote, a custom team order, or a hockey parent looking to save money for one or more kids who love to play the game, we are here to pass the savings on to YOU!  Consider the following example for the average youth hockey player:

-Goes through roughly 2 rolls per month
-2 Rolls x $4 (pro shop price) = $8/ month = $96/ year on tape (24 Rolls)
-2 Rolls x $5 (pro shop price) = $10/ month = $120/ year on tape (24 Rolls)

-36 Rolls of our High-Quality White Cloth Tape = $46.00 - You receive MORE tape for LESS! (A $50 Savings!)

Our following is growing and we couldn't be more excited about it - be sure to share our information with your friends and teammates, place a team order, and start saving today!